I’m Laura Lilly, founder and recipe developer here at Semi-Vegetarian.com. Whether you’re a full-fledged vegetarian or just looking to add a few more meatless meals to your weekly dinner rotation, you’ve come to the right spot.

What you’ll find on Semi-Vegetarian.com:

  • Simple, delicious vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian cooking often gets a bad rap, and I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be hard or “weird”, or really require any more effort than you’d put forth preparing a meat dish. It also doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating quinoa and kale every single day! 
  • Occasional healthy meat and fish recipes (often made in the slow cooker!), and some desserts (because they are delicious)
  • Information about enjoying healthy lifestyle on a budget. I get a strange little thrill when I save money, and love to share ways to save here and there. 
  • Tips and tricks to improve your cooking skills across the board

What you won’t find on Semi-Vegetarian.com:

  • Judgement and preaching. I’ve found that a semi-vegetarian lifestyle works well for my family, but do whatever you need to do!
  • Weird, expensive ingredients (I may introduce you to a few non-animal based swaps, but you won’t need to visit a specialty store)
  • Fake meat… because it’s gross and there are way too many delicious vegetarian recipes to be made!
  • Recipes that require a culinary degree or fancy tastebuds. I’m a self-taught home cook (though I have dabbled in cooking courses and spent a summer in a restaurant kitchen), and everything you see on the blog I’ve fed to my family. I try to keep things simple around here!

A few fun facts about me outside the kitchen:

  • I live in North Georgia with my husband and four year old son. We have a crazy good time hanging out together. I love them!
  • I was a ballet dancer in to my early 20s, and can still be found pirouetting around the house (kitchen counters make great ballet barres).
  • At 5’9″ I am the shortest person in my extended family (on both sides). 
  • I’m a total homebody. The idea of travel is cool, but the actual act of travelling (and preparation for it) is super stressful to me.